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Fashion Watch Program

A new and unique fashion watch program in Canada and U.S. with a proven track record of success in Toronto Canada.

Huge growth potential in fashion accessories. Be there for this opportunity when it starts.
PACE Distribution Inc. is a distributor of fashion watches to retail stores. We have created a very unique concept that has not existed before except, in Toronto, Canada. Since it has been very successful in the past 10 years, we are excited to announce that we are expanding the program to the rest of Canada and the U.S.

The Concept
We are a fashion watch distribution company specializing in servicing convenience stores. Fashion watches used to only be sold in department stores and jewelry stores at exorbitant prices. Consumers had no choice but to select those stores and pay high prices inflated by a series of middlemen who drove prices up to achieve higher margins.

Then we came along. We began importing watches directly and distributed them directly to retailers bypassing middlemen and passing on all the savings to the business owners and their customers.

Selling fashion watches in convenience stores was never considered before mainly because watches had a high price point and could easily be stolen. Well, we designed a theft proof watch display that allows customers to touch and feel but not steal.

Sales skyrocketed. Consumers began buying watches the same way they buy cigarettes, milk or chocolate bars. Every time they visit your stores for their everyday needs, they look at the beautiful watches and end up purchasing one or more, either for their own use or as gifts for different occasions.

With 10 years of data and sales track record, we noticed that customers return to stores specifically for watches and ask store owners when the next shipment will be in with new styles. We have steps in place to make sure your display stays refreshed, clean with new styles that arrive monthly.

The initial order is shipped containing 60 assorted watches (40 on the display and 20 in a box), one theft proof display and a $12.99 sign. Shipping is free for all orders within continental U.S. and Canada.

Every month we will call you to place an order. You can send any slow moving style, or damages back to us to be replaced by new ones. We encourage you to order only for one month supply because we receive hundreds of new styles monthly. We want to make sure you get new styles every single month.

Once every 6 months, we encourage you to send your entire inventory back to us for replacement with new styles.

If you are interested in the concept, we invite you to contact us for more information at info@fashionwatches.ca

The Market
Our fashion watch program primarily targets convenience stores. There are currently hundreds of thousands of convenience stores in the U.S. and Canada that do not carry this program mainly because they don’t know it exists. Watches are used as a fashion accessory by all age groups.

The program delivers extra sales and profits to store. The display takes up a very small space (1/2 sq. feet) on the counter. In addition because of its lockable mechanism, it is theft proof. This program is a great alternative for stores that are losing sales because of high tobacco taxes. This program is also ideal for Dollar stores, drug stores, hair salons, gift shops, Mall kiosks, Jewelry stores etc.

The fashion watch industry in Canada and U.S. is a highly untapped market. Take full advantage of this amazing opportunity to increase sales and profits.

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